May 2020

GEPRO in times of COVID-19

GEPRO in Zeiten von COVID-19
GEPRO in Zeiten von COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic also ensures a large number of changes for GEPRO.

Trade fairs are cancelled, visits to customers/suppliers have been cancelled and home offices and shiftwork have been introduced to reduce infection opportunities.

For this reason, we have complied with our duty of care as an employer and have introduced a variety of more far-reaching measures to curb COVID-19 and the in-depth protection of our employees:

1. Body temperature measurement

Every employee of GePro is obliged to have his body temperature checked before the start of work and after work. For this purpose, a camera technology was installed in the garden shed next to the scale, with the help of which we can measure the temperature within a few seconds.

2. Mask duty

Furthermore, a mask obligation has been introduced for certain rooms in which we cannot guarantee the necessary distance.

3.Hygiene measures

The buildings and individual rooms have been equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers. Training courses, seminars, visits to our company have been postponed and business trips have been limited to the most necessary extent.

Stay healthy!