Efficiency and flexibility

When we say our products are sustainable, we mean it. Our production sites are deliberately located in the immediate vicinity of abattoirs in the poultry industry so we can ensure an excellent life cycle assessment for our raw materials, as well as making sure they are procured as locally as possible. Our own fleet of vehicles allows us to transport most domestic and European deliveries of raw materials independently and in a flexible manner. In doing so, we always take care to make the best use of our vehicles. Due to the fact that we deliver our products around the world, we pay special attention to efficient logistics planning, while taking into account what is best for the environment.

To this end, we are in constant contact with our customers so that together, we can develop the best packaging and transport solutions to meet their needs. We also ship internationally via our large warehouse at Weserhafen in Bremen. Here, among other things, we are able to standardise customer-specific product requirements and prepare them for transport on-site and close to the largest German shipping harbours (Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven). Not only is this particularly efficient, it also saves a huge amount of time.
- We go beyond. -

We excel at

planning ans calculation


We see ourselves as our customers’ partner and service provider and are always striving to develop logistics solutions together that benefit both parties.


Depending on what the customer wants, we offer our products in various types of packaging (bulk, big bags, sacks, IBC, flexitanks).


Our fleet of vehicles supports the work of our logistics partners, and they can transport our raw material deliveries as far afield as needed.


We leverage our international network of connections and relationships to deliver your goods on your request at the right time, at the right place and at fair prices.