March 2020

Completion of the new raw material acceptance

Fertigstellung der neuen Rohwarenannahme
Fertigstellung der neuen Rohwarenannahme

On 31 March 2020, after a multi-year construction phase, the new raw material acceptance was put into operation.

The new assumption will increase bunker capacities by 250%. The distribution of raw materials can now be sorted according to quality on the different bunkers.

The result is a more homogeneous mixture, as well as better assessment and control of the assumed raw materials.

In addition, the processing speed increases by 10-20% thanks to state-of-the-art crushing systems and pump systems. The service life of the respective trucks is also reduced by 270,000 minutes per year. This is the equivalent of 187.5 days. The reason, in addition to improved cleaning and disinfection of vehicles and containers, is the use of a new line.

Until now, only one line could be used, which had to be used for feathers and meat at the same time.

"In the near future, the raw material acceptance will be supplemented by a special raw material logistics software. This technology and equipment is a world leader and cements our claim to innovation and continuous improvement of quality," says Bernd Große Holthaus, CEO of GEPRO .