September 2021

Jahnschule Diepholz and GEPRO agree on cooperation

Thorsten Abeling, specialist service provider for education at the Diepholz district, congratulated the Jahnschule Diepholz on signing a cooperation agreement with the local GEPRO Geflügel-Protein Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

Melanie Nieswand, assistant to the management/personnel manager at GEPRO, and Sabrina Escher expect the future partnership to result in better contacts with future junior staff. Sabrina Escher, responsible for logistics at GEPRO referred in particular to the difficult situation to find interested parties for the training as professional driver.

"Despite good working conditions, we are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit trainees for our local transport team."

Both representatives of the company made it clear that they would like to get involved in the school's specialized lessons to give the students in-depth insights into the partner company.

Principal Anika Flöte made it clear that the new KURSZukunft partnership fits perfectly into the school's career orientation concept. "We want to prepare young people for the transition to working life. To do this, we have to break down the various barriers that prevent our students from making contact with local companies. Meetings with people from the companies and with the working world on site are a good way to break down these barriers.

The cooperation partners agreed to start the collaboration with simple projects assigned to the subject area of work education and economics. Peer Reich, the teacher responsible for this area, will implement various projects over the course of the school year that will enable the students to get to know the partner company and its professional and working world.

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