September 2023

GEPRO recibe el certificado QS y participa en el sistema Initiative Tierwohl (ITW).

GEPRO has been successfully certified as a system partner of the new QS pet food process chain and is thus a driver for the newly developed QS standard for pet food production.

The implementation of the QS requirements serves on the one hand to ensure quality and on the other hand forms the basis for participation in the Initiative Tierwohl (ITW) system. The QS guidelines for pet food comprise the mandatory criteria for all companies along the pet food process chain, thus creating the greatest possible transparency for all parties involved.

For the successful certification, the certification body not only checked the process quality requirements at PetCom but also the legal product requirements for the specific production of pet food. For Paul-Heinz Wesjohann, founder of the PHW Group, the arguments for QS certification in the pet food sector are obvious: "From the very beginning, we have anchored acting in holistic cycles as the core of our sustainability management. This also includes the fact that we produce high-quality protein products from the by-products of poultry slaughtering, including for pet food. These so-called by-products are all too often overlooked, but their quality-assured production is just as important and is part of our everyday business. With the new QS standard for pet food, we can finally prove this work.