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Get to know us

Welcome to our website. For over fifty years, we at GEPRO Geflügel Protein Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG have been specialists and pioneers in developing, manufacturing and selling exceptionally high-quality poultry proteins and fats for the animal food industry (pet food, aquafeed), as well as the biofuel industry.

As part of the PHW Group, a corporate group of internationally active companies in the fields of agricultural economics, nutrition and health and one of the largest producers of poultry products in Europe. GEPRO is an essential part of the fully integrated poultry production process. 

As a result, we can offer transparency and thorough documentation across the entire value chain. Processes are subject to the strictest of veterinary controls, while the high degree of transparency sets an equally high standard for quality. Leading the way in safety and traceability gives our products an additional quality, which is highly sought-after around the world. 

Our products

Our products provide high-quality, easily digestible sources of protein for aquaculture species, as well as in pet food. What’s more, they are crucial ingredients in the biofuel and oleochemical industries. We only use raw materials from Category 3 poultry for our own production. Our many years of experience, in-depth expertise and continuous dialogue with our customers have enabled us to expand various product lines. The result is the ability to consistently develop our products and high customer satisfaction.

The GEPRO private labels, such as our “Goldmehl” are particularly popular with our customers because of their high quality. Our “Donau Pro” range is regarded as an exceptional product line. The focus here is on sustainability and regional ingredients. The raw materials are sourced exclusively from a neighbouring chicken abattoir that belongs to the company and originate from Wiesenhof Privathof chickens from the region, without exception. Customers have the option of ordering these materials as meal or fat, and these products are designated with the “Für Mehr Tierschutz” label from the German Animal Welfare Federation.

To go beyond is combining innovative technology with best practice.

To go beyond is working with state-of-the-art technologies.

To go beyond is making life healthy and happy.

To go beyond is producing biosecure solutions for aquaculture.

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