March 2024

Stars of the day after tomorrow

This is what our employees of the day after tomorrow will look like!
The phrase "I've always slept in the bed linen of my favorite club" is a reality at GEPRO.
a reality at GEPRO. That's why we like to give our employees their own
with their own GEPRO bodysuit.
Family friendliness is a top priority at GEPRO. Many employees
and employees in all areas of the company have children themselves and know how important it is to
important it is to reconcile work and family life.
There are flexible working hours that allow parents to take their children to school or be present at important events.
or be present at important events. There is also the option of working from home
work from home if necessary. Of course, this depends on the position of the
person's job.
The benefits of family friendliness are noticeable everywhere. Employees are motivated
and committed because they know that the family feeling is supported. This creates a
positive working atmosphere and strengthens the team spirit.