About us
GePro Gefluegel-Protein Vertriebs-
gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is a group
company of PHW, one of the largest
producers of poultry products in Europe.
As a member of PHW, GePro is part of
a completely integrated poultry production.

GePro headquarter is in Diepholz
(Germany) with global sales offices
located in Bangkok (Kingdom of Thailand)
and Moscow (Russian Federation).

GePro transforms poultry by-products
from the slaughterhouse into valuable
ingredients for animal nutrition and
biofuel (SP-Power)

With the state of the art production systems,
our products are of extremely high quality
and are regarded as benchmarks in the
industry. The entire process is under strict
veterinarian control leading to consistent
flawless quality and great value proposition
for our customers.